Meal Preparation Algorithm for Diabetic Patients Using Machine Learning


W.M. Dulanji Hansika Wijekoon
S.M.B. Harshanath


With the rapid development of society, people’s life became more complicated due to that reason, people have no more time to pay attention to their food and healthy habits. As a result, many people suffer from non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, pressure, and cholesterol. Therefore, this proposed system develops as a mobile application, and it has been named U-HEALTH, the system monitors diabetic patients' food patterns and healthy habits. This application provides daily meal plans for three main meals with evening snacks to their users the meal plans were generated by using an algorithm based on a neural network and a decision tree is created by considering the user-health fact, food adoration, food allergy, nutrition content, gender, age, and users BMI, BMR counts by using the random forest algorithm. Also, the proposed system food dataset was created by considering the Sri Lankan food styles and availability under processing of data cleansing and the data was categorized by using the K-Nearest Neighbors algorithm


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