Biopolymers: Structure, properties, extraction methods and applications


S. Senevirathna
H. M. J. C. Pitawala
U. Asela
A. Attanayake
M. Chandrasiri


Polymers are natural or synthetic macromolecules with repeating units derived from their monomers. Biopolymers are polymeric materials derived from biological sources, such as plants, animals, microorganisms or any other living organism. The use of these biopolymers has grown significantly in recent years due to their renewability, abundance, biodegradability, low immunogenicity and other unique properties. This review article is focused on the several types of biopolymers such as polysaccharides; cellulose, starch, proteins; collagen, silk, microbial-derived and agar.  It will discuss the importance of these polymers, their physical and chemical properties, extraction methods and finally applications of those polymers.


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Senevirathna, S., Pitawala, J., Asela, U., Attanayake, A., & chandrasiri, M. (2022). Biopolymers: Structure, properties, extraction methods and applications. Sri Lankan Journal of Applied Sciences, 1(01), Page : 18–30. Retrieved from