Published: 2022-08-31

Raman Spectroscopy in Phytochemical Analysis

S. Gunawardana, C. Gunasekara, N. M. S. Sirimuthu

Page : 01-10

Biopolymers: Structure, properties, extraction methods and applications

S. Senevirathna, H. M. J. C. Pitawala, U. Asela, A. Attanayake, M. Chandrasiri

Page : 18-30

The Usability of University Websites: A Study on Sri Lankan Universities

J. A. V. M. K. Jayakody, D. A. S. Atukorale

Page : 43-49

The Interconnection of Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence: A Review

H. G. Meerapperumage, C. J. Kithulwatta, K. T. Rathnayaka

Page : 50-59