The Interconnection of Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence: A Review


H. G. Meerapperumage
C. J. Kithulwatta
K. T. Rathnayaka


The current world is moving forward with digitalization. In this era, new trends such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, the Internet of Things, Data Analytics technologies became popular among people. People are trying to make their work easier using machines or other ways. The autonomous concept is another idea that became based on the above-mentioned trends. In the Health service, Agricultural sector and business sector this IoT and AI were widely used. Therefore AI and IoT interconnected applications becomes a good trend these days. Furthermore lots of industries change their manual or electrical systems into IoT based systems that can be easily manageable, and accurate than before. The reliability of that systems also very high, than before because Artificial Intelligence is given power to that systems, Therefore humans no need to pay attention on the lots of tasks because AI powered IoT systems, take care of the system. In this paper reviewed previous literatures, and researches to identify what is the interconnection Artificial intelligence with Internet of Things. This paper describes about Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, Interconnection between both skills, Challenges of Artificial Intelligence and IoT applications, and what are the fields those application used and uses, from other researchers’ perspective.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence (AI). Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, Data Analytics.


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